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Dr. Irene Li MD, CCFP 

Family Physician 李铃格 医生

1. Current patient of Dr. Li

To Schedule an appointment with Dr. Li please click on the link below and select the date/time:

New Updates May 2024

Please note that Dr. Li will be on maternity leave from October 2023 to October 2024. In the interim, you may continue to seek medical care from her locum nurse practitioner. Appointments will be offered as either in-person, phone or video as per your preference, and can be booked directly via the online portal.


Please note that periodic health reviews can be booked by calling our front desk to arrange. 


For in-person appointments, please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow for sufficient time to be checked in and have vitals taken. Kindly note that if you have missed more than half of the allotted time for your appointment, the clinic reserves the right to reschedule your appointment to avoid further delays for those patients booked after you. 


Most appointments are 15 minutes in length and in order to do a thorough assessment, please limit your concerns to 1-2 issues per visit. This means that multiple appointments may be needed if you have multiple concerns. 


For the following appointment types, we reserve a 30-min slot for our patients:

  1. Initial prenatal assessment

  2. Routine well baby care 

  3. Periodic health reviews

2. New Patients 

Update Starting January 1st, 2024

Dr. Irene Li is NOT ACCEPTING new patients at this current time. To register in advance you may complete the forms below and provide a copy to our front desk staff. When Dr. Li is accepting new patients we will inform you to schedule your meet and greet.

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